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Front-End Developer / UI Designer



who am i

I am Ben Rothman, a Front-End Developer who specializes in WordPress. I started creating websites in college, then became a front-end developer after graduating. I started noticing that a lot of my clients were asking for WordPress, so now I use it in most of my projects. I make plugins, custom themes or maintain pre-existing websites.

I love to create beautiful designs for websites and then build them from scratch with code. Check out my portfolio by clicking the ‘View Portfolio’ link above, or download my resume by clicking the ‘Download Resume’ button below.

I am passionate about WordPress development and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and improve my craft. I like to travel to conventions and meetings to see what other WordPressers are doing.



WordCamps Attended: 18

about my work

My work can be split into two categories:

1. I design websites and write code to build them from the ground up.
2. I maintain existing websites and provide code fixes customized to address the needs of that client.

I specialize in WordPress but am just as able to work with other technologies.

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