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AKC The Humane Fund

This website is for a charity called the Humane Fund. This website was built with a WordPress engine and a react front-end.

The museum of the dog website was a small but important website to quickly convey important museum information to the visitors. This was a fun project which I worked with an external team for, my own team and alone to add a few personal touches.

I created a custom block and of the project was done on a custom theme.

This was one of AKC's more interesting online presences. It had a store and articles to allow dog owners to buy more fun and cool gifts for their or other pets. My team inherited this site from another team.

This is the official website of the American Kennel Club. I was on the team that maintained it by either adding new features, making changes to existing features or updating other parts of the site to allow it to function correctly.

My work at Unbridled is proprietary which requires confidentiality, so I can't go into specifics. However, I can share that my work revolves around developing and deploying WordPress plugins for corporate events that promote team building, incentivize attendees, and offer fun challenges. These plugins provide a platform for "players" to compete and fully engage with the event, regardless of whether they attend in-person or virtually.

Our white-label apps at Unbridled offer a variety of features, including QR challenges, trivia challenges and photo challenges, different channels for livestreams, and more. We customize the apps with logos, graphics, and company verbiage that are appropriate for that event, so attendees feel like the app was created just for them. With this software, companies make their events more engaging and memorable.

This WordPress plugin adds a little clickable menu to the bottom right of every page of your WordPress site. It was created using react and is intended for people who have sites where it is important for users to be able to get in touch with staff immediately.

I was on the team that built the site from scratch and then updated/maintained it. I also created small "web apps" using technologies like PHP, HTML/CSS, JQuery and javascript to create new functionality and web applications.

Yes, we do have the same last name, I guess you could say artistic talent runs in the family.

My mom's an artist and she needed a website to showcase her artwork. By incorporating full-page sliders and large images, we were able to direct users' attention to the artwork itself. This was such a fun project because in addition to designing and coding the website, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the art world.

This client was a sound engineer who needed a new website.  First I designed the site as a flat image so the client could see the design and give edits.  After a few rounds of edits from the client on my design, I customized a blank wordpress template to look like my design and built the website.  The last step of this project was to make a custom plugin so that users could listen to sound clips from his studio.  I made sure that the plugin not only functions the way it should but is easy to update for the client in the future.

Frisa is a company that makes high-end European wines and other alcoholic beverages.  They needed a simple WordPress website to advertise their products and sell directly to consumers.  I was on the team that designed and developed this website.