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My work at Unbridled is proprietary which requires confidentiality, so I can't go into specifics. However, I can share that my work revolves around developing and deploying WordPress plugins for corporate events that promote team building, incentivize attendees, and offer fun challenges. These plugins provide a platform for "players" to compete and fully engage with the event, regardless of whether they attend in-person or virtually.

Our white-label apps at Unbridled offer a variety of features, including QR challenges, trivia challenges and photo challenges, different channels for livestreams, and more. We customize the apps with logos, graphics, and company verbiage that are appropriate for that event, so attendees feel like the app was created just for them. With this software, companies make their events more engaging and memorable.

I was on the team that built the site from scratch and then updated/maintained it. I also created small "web apps" using technologies like PHP, HTML/CSS, JQuery and javascript to create new functionality and web applications.

Yes, we do have the same last name, I guess you could say artistic talent runs in the family.

My mom's an artist and she needed a website to showcase her artwork. By incorporating full-page sliders and large images, we were able to direct users' attention to the artwork itself. This was such a fun project because in addition to designing and coding the website, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the art world.

This client was a sound engineer who needed a new website.  First I designed the site as a flat image so the client could see the design and give edits.  After a few rounds of edits from the client on my design, I customized a blank wordpress template to look like my design and built the website.  The last step of this project was to make a custom plugin so that users could listen to sound clips from his studio.  I made sure that the plugin not only functions the way it should but is easy to update for the client in the future.

The Royal is a high-end clothing store for which I designed the interface, as well as made sure to display each product on the site so that it could easily be found and purchased by customers.  This client was very concerned with how the store would appear on mobile.  Fortunately, I make all of my designs responsive so that they appear well on mobile and this was a fun challenge.

Frisa is a company that makes high-end European wines and other alcoholic beverages.  They needed a simple WordPress website to advertise their products and sell directly to consumers.  I was on the team that designed and developed this website.

This project was given to 'The DSM Group', an agency that hired me to assist on the website. We made this site for a small film agency that specializes in commercials and other short films. Although I have never worked directly with Grey Sky, they bill themselves as "New York and New Jersey's Top Film Production Agency" so I am inclined to take their word for it.

This project was given to a agency by the name 'The DSM Group' who hired me to assist on the project and do other work on a freelance basis. This company sells stone-based building materials to contractors.

"Since 1904, contractors all across Northern New Jersey have come to count on Braen Stone. From building highways to driveways, bridges to tunnels, the Braen team makes sure every customer has what they need to get the job done right."

WP Monitor is a WordPress plugin I wrote that is used to monitor the vital signs of a site and it give the user important information that is needed to properly administrate the site, all in a way that is easy to read with gauges and indicators.

It offers a lot of useful information that may not be site-specific, but that a developer would want to know at a glance. The PHP version, the database version as well as the number of updates and the number of inactive plugins are among the stats shown by WP Monitor.

Since publishing this post I have retired WP Monitor from the WordPress plugin repo. I do want to mention that the "health monitor" feature that was added to WordPress Core after I made this plugin is the same concept as this plugin was but more detailed. I'm not saying anyone copied me but the idea was so good apparently they wanted something like it built-in to WordPress.

This website was built before me by another developer. I fixed and managed the Woocommerce store and made sure the many orders that the site receives come in and are shipped out successfully. This was a particularly interesting client because of how extensive her woocommerce webstore was, with many addons to accept bitcoin and other interesting things.

The requests I would get to work on this website were some of the most interesting I have gotten in my freelance career. Aside from having great products, this business had a very nice owner with very nice workers.