WordCamp US 2016

I just got back from WordCamp US 2016 and it was great.  The talks were cool and I learned about some new WordPress things.  I stayed with my friend Evan Herman just like I did last year for this conference and it was just as much fun.  I also got to meet a lot of big players in the WordPress community from designers and developers to the owners of huge internet companies that use WordPress.

Local Weather Page

I created a web page that will get the weather withe the OpenWeatherMap API.  The page will display various different weather stats for the weather at the zipcode you put in.  In addition to the changing weather stats, there are also a few other surprises, test the web app at: http://www.benrothman.org/project1

Wordcamp Baltimore 2016


I just went to #WCBalt (Wordcamp Baltimore) and it was awesome (as usual).  I went with my friend Evan and we learned a lot of cool stuff about the use of WordPress.  I have been to a lot of Wordcamps, some big and some small.  I expected Wordcamp Baltimore to be one of the smaller ones, but I was very wrong.  Wordcamp Baltimore turned out to be one of the better Wordcamps I have been to.

Use Slack

Slack is a great way for any team or business to communicate. Slack allows you to chat with a single person or a team to give notes, links or images. Slack is free to use online or you can download the desktop application aswell for the same functionality.

To use the application effectively, all members of a team enter a channel and that channel shows new messages and saved messages from before, so important notes can be looked back on.

July Email Marketing

for pretty much the entire month of July 2016 I was working at an email marketing company coding and sending emails.  The emails are not my property so I am not allowed to post examples, but that’s what I was doing.

Wordcamp NYC 2016

Here at Wordcamp in the UN building.  There are a lot of other ‘camps’ here for other things like python, js and international politics (no they are not all tech-related).  The UN building was definitely a good choice of location for this Wordcamp, the facilities are awesome and it’s just cool that we’re in this building.

The Royal


Check out my designs for the royal, which I also coded using bootstrap and WordPress.  The site had a responsive interface which was made easily using bootstrap and the store was  a woocommerce store.