Generate NYC 2016

Here at Generate NYC testing the waters, I’ve never come to Generate before.  This conference is all about the design of websites and inspiration of new technology.  There are a lot of cool things here on all different topics.  Some talks were about the usability of websites, others were about the mechanics of adding certain effects to the designs of websites and still others were about inspiration in technological design.  While the talks here were about many different things, they are all tied into web design and what the best practices are for that.

WordPress 4.5

Version 4.5 of WordPress, named “Coleman” in honor of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.5 help streamline your workflow, whether you’re writing or building your site.

Wordcamp Atlanta 2016

Atlanta? You read it right.  I am here at the Wordcamp in Atlanta hanging out, learning some great new WordPress tips and having a great time.  Why am I in Atlanta for Wordcamp?  I have no family in Atlanta, so what am I doing here?  I just like going to the WordPress conventions where I am surrounded by people talking only about thing that interest me.  I also love being part of that community and learning about the latest methods and features in WordPress!

Andrew Lappin

Just added a new portfolio item:

I designed and coded this wordpress site.  Andrew is a sound mixer and he wanted a site where clients could sample his past work so I made preview windows with javascript that would execute when each album cover was clicked that each contained Soundcloud embeds.

bliQ Web App

One of my clients made a web app called “bliQ” and I was given the task of designing and writing the HTML/CSS for a few of the output screens.  I won’t get into the details of the many things the app can do, but among those things are advise consumers on which product to purchase based on their needs and some set criteria.  I designed the hardware report screen and the software report screen.

new site for Marybeth

Yes, we do have the same last name.  My mother is a professional artist, I guess you could say I come from a creative family. Anyway, I designed and then coded this website on wordpress.

I just saw the update to WordPress 4.4 available.  It is named ‘Clifford’ after the famous jazz musician Clifford Brown. I heard about this update from @photomatt (Matt Mullenwig) at #WCUS.  There are updates to security, posts and more listed here.  Wordpress is great because it looks great, works in a logical way and has a backend that makes it very easy to manage.  Sometimes I stick to HTML/CSS/Javascript sites, but I use WordPress for as many of my projects as I can.

Wordcamp US 2015

Just got back from Wordcamp US 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.  It was really good and there were a lot of great presentations!  I stayed with my friend @EvanMHerman  in Philadelphia and we got from his home to the convention in about 30 minutes.  #WCUS