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I recently attended a conference in NYC called Generate2016. It was interesting and very different from a WordCamp. The attendance was big and the tickets were expensive, but the conference itself was interesting.

They talked about technology in general, not just WordPress websites like I was used to. There were interesting talks about robotics as well as websites and even some about the expanding the limitations of technology.

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WordPress 4.5

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WordPress 4.5 Named for Saxophone King Coleman Hawkins

On April 13th, WordPress released Version 4.5 and this one pays homage to the legendary tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.

Born in 1904, Colman Hawkins was the first noted musician to take the sax and make it a jazz instrument. He also nudged jazz out of Swing and into Be-Bop. You might call him the King of Jazz Saxophone.



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WordCamp NYC 2015

Ok, maybe this blogpost should not have the category “Travel” because this event was right near my home, but it was fun. The event started with a contributor’s day which I like. That is the day when all us users of WordPress give back to the great platform and create new features, answer forum questions, translate plugins or contribute in any way we can. I answered questions on the “Developing with WordPress” support forums, my usual contribution.

Then there were just two solid days of good talks from everything from designing your WordPress site to creating RESTful APIs with your WordPress site.

Not only were there cool talks, but there was a street fair happening right outside during the event. If you know me at all, you know I am not going to pass up a street fair so I was able to get lunch outside at the fair as well as buy some of the cool stuff the street vendors were offering.


I have been to four WordCamp NYCs and in 2018 I was an organizer.

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NJ Devils

I designed the mascot page for the NJ Devils! The Devils use some other strange CMS that I do not like as much as WordPress but it was fun to work around the rink where the team plays and concerts for various famous artists are held.

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Use onTouch instead of onClick for quicker reaction to an event

In JQuery, there is included the “tap” event, which reacts with less of a delay to touches on smartphones. Behind the scenes, it’s bound to touchstart or mousedown. Using the aforementioned event is good for apps that are either solely meant for smartphones or ones that are meant to be used on either smartphones or desktop computers (such as websites).

The onClick event still works in all of the same situations, the developers of JQuery have just added this new event to watch in order to make coding more intuitively worded and to cut down on some of the delay times.

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Hello World!

!Hello World! Welcome to my new website or if you are looking later on, my old website. I obviously used WordPress to make this showcase for my professional work, (resume and portfolio) as well as some of my adventures. I’ll post some of the cool places I go and adventures I go on here, so stay tuned!